Towns in Corfu Greece: You Must Explore in 2024

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Situated along the azure Ionian Sea, the beautiful island of Corfu in Greece shows a tapestry of picturesque towns, each narrating its own story. From the incredible charm of Corfu Town with its Venetian architecture and lively markets to the pleasant simplicity of Paleokastritsa, every corner of this Greek paradise invites exploration. Take a walk through the contracted cobblestone streets of Kavos, breathing a lively nightlife or get some rest in the timeless beauty of Kanoni, providing panoramic views of the iconic Vlacherna Monastery. Towns of Corfu in Greece are a variety of history, culture and natural magnificence.

Town Of Corfu Kerkyra: Embracing Timeless Elegance

The capital and the largest town on the island is known for its well-preserved Venetian architecture. It is a UNESCO-listed Old Town and landmarks such as the Liston Promenade and the Spianada Square. Corfu’s largest town, positioned in the island’s east between north and south, hosts a steady 30,000 residents. It is the primary shopping hub, boasts the main port and houses the island’s airport. Comprising a labyrinth of narrow streets, its architecture gracefully incorporates Venetian and French influences.

Towns in Corfu Greece

Paleokastritsa: Nature’s Masterpiece

Paleokastritsa, 25 km northwest of Corfu Town, is a captivating Greek beauty spot. Evolving into one of the island’s largest resorts, it can get very busy, especially in peak holiday seasons. Paleokastritsa beckons with six different beaches embraced by cliffs, olive groves, lemon and cypress trees, and lush hills. The resort unfolds along a coastal road, revealing a hilly terrain with twists and turns, offering holidaymakers a charming haven. Numerous dining options await in this resort, with restaurants, tavernas, and bars dotting the scenic seafront. Make sure to visit the delightful Theotokos Monastery and the 13th-century Venetian Castrizza San Angelo. Explore marked paths in the hills for a delightful journey through peaceful landscapes near this charming destination.

Kavos: Vibrant Nightlife and Beach Bliss

Kavos, in the island’s south, is renowned for lively nightlife, sandy beaches, and a vibrant atmosphere along the Ionian coastline. A brief stroll from the resort, Kavos Beach unfolds with a mile of watersports, bars, and lively open-air parties. If the vibrant energy of Kavos Beach proves to be overwhelming the morning after, walk towards the serene Aspro Kavos. Here, in a quieter environment, you can quietly nurse away any leftovers of a headache from the night before

Towns in Corfu Greece

Gouvia: Towns in Greece

It was once a Venetian naval base and now has been converted into a well-known marina town with a mixture of traditional and modern elements, consisting of restaurants, shops, and nights full of life. Gouvia, with around 600 inhabitants, traces its origins to an ancient Venetian harbour. Now, it is the primary marina of Corfu, hosting a parade of luxurious yachts from Europe and beyond. Gouvia, in a curved bay 5 miles northwest of Corfu Town and the airport, sits on the east coast. Even though it is near the island’s capital, Gouvia maintains its secluded and independent character.

The village boasts the best dining choices, including restaurants, bars, cafes and tavernas, creating a vibrant nightlife scene. Gouvia is surrounded by peaceful sandy and pebble beaches, perfect for a relaxed seaside escape in this beautiful village.

Benitses: Main Towns in Corfu, Greece

Benitses, a village across Corfu Island’s expansive eastern coast, flawlessly mix relaxation with lively nightlife. With approximately a population of 800 people, it radiates charm through traditional designs and picturesque alleyways. Home to a prehistoric mansion with Roman Baths and the sandy Benitses Beach, ideal for a quick swim or watersports. Located at the seashore, many villagers are self-made fishermen, adding to the authentic coastal beauty of this multifaceted destination. Once a well-known resort in the 1970s and 1980s, Benitses, though not famous now, is still a well-developed area. Packed with tourist amenities—restaurants, bars, shops, marina, and bus stops—it has it all. A wide range of accommodation choices, from hotels to holiday homes, cater to every budget and preference.

Situated on Corfu’s west coast, about 15 kilometres from Corfu Town, Agios Gordios provides a captivating vista from its cliff-perched location, overlooking the bay. Behind the village, a majestic range of hills decorated with tall pine trees adds to the scenic beauty. The sand and pebble beach welcomes swimmers to bask in the crystal-clear, warm waters. Agios Gordios secure traditional industries like fishing and farming, giving the village a rustic charm. Seaside tavernas provide a perfect setting to enjoy the village’s delightful environment and witness the compelling Ionian Sea sunset.

Pelekas: The Sunset Capital

Pelekas, once a peaceful resort, now pulses with life during peak season. With 500 locals, it has narrow streets and retro-style charm. Atop a Corfu hill, the village reveals Kaiser Throne’s breathtaking, unrivaled Ionian panoramas. The sandy Kontogialos Beach lies just a kilometre away, organized for convenience to some extent. Pelekas hosts guests with simple, budget-friendly rooms. A wide range of restaurants and bars cater to different tastes, serving local cuisine, quick meals, fresh coffee and premium spirits. This beautiful village offers an ideal mixture of scenic beauty, nearness to the beach, budget accommodations and culinary delights for a memorable stay.

Moraitika: Family-Friendly Atmosphere

A coastal village with a mix of traditional and modern elements, Moraitika provides a relaxed atmosphere, sandy beaches and a variety of tavernas and shops. Nestled along the east coast, just 19 kilometres south of Corfu Town and the airport, Moraitika stands as a purpose-built resort decorated with a sandy and shingle beach. Catering to families and couples, this calm village, with a modest population of around 600 residents, maintains a calm atmosphere even in peak season, making sure of convenience in finding accommodation. Moraitika unfolds with a plethora of tavernas, attracting visitors with a culinary expedition that spans traditional Greek delights and British fare. While the village boasts its beautiful beach, many holidaymakers choose the nearby Aghios Ioannis Beach, improving their coastal experience in this perfect haven by the Ionian Sea.

Kassiopi: Towns in Greece to Visit

Kassiopi is situated on the northeast corner of Corfu; Kassiopi is 35 kilometres north of Corfu Town, framed by the majestic Mount Pantokrator. This perennial favourite for holidaymakers mixes busy resort life with original charisma. Focused around the local harbour, Kassiopi consists of an array of bars, tavernas and restaurants offering European and traditional dishes, including delicious fresh fish from local fishermen. While popular with young holidaymakers and groups, Kassiopi maintains a vibrant yet refined atmosphere, avoiding the excesses of more raucous party resorts. Embrace the opportunity to rent a boat in Kassiopi and discover the eye-catching coves all around the peninsula, or go on a day trip to the adjacent Ionian Islands like Paxos, giving a touch of adventure to your Corfu getaway.

Kalami: Crystal-Clear Waters Land

Located under the hills of northeast Corfu, just 30 km from Corfu Town, Kalami is a preferred spot for both couples and families. The village surrounds a sheltered bay garlanded with eucalyptus and cypress trees, generating a peaceful backdrop. Kalami’s beach, decorated with white pebbles, offers sun loungers and parasols, welcoming tourists to relax under the Mediterranean sun. For the more adventurous, boat rentals provide a getaway to sheltered coves along the spectacular coastline. The village consists of quaint tavernas and mini markets, complemented by a self-sufficient complex on the hillside providing evening entertainment. Despite its popularity, Kalami retains a peaceful village atmosphere, making sure a peaceful escape for those looking for a harmonious mix of natural beauty and spare time on the attractive island of Corfu.


To sum up everything, Corfu is a comprehensive island, each town providing a unique experience. Whether you look for history, nature, nightlife or simply relaxation, Corfu has a town that fits the bill. As you plan your travels for 2024, consider these charming towns of Corfu in Greece for an unforgettable Greek adventure.


Is Corfu Greece worth visiting?

Absolutely! Corfu, Greece, is worth visiting for sure. This pleasing island provides a perfect mixture of historical charm, stunning beaches, and lively culture. Whether you’re discovering the narrow streets of Corfu Town, relaxing on the beautiful beaches or immersing yourself in the island’s rich history, Corfu guarantees an amusing and memorable experience for every visitor.

Is there a market in Corfu town?

Yes, Corfu Town consists of a lively market known as the Spianada Market. This lively marketplace provides a delightful mixture of local produce, handmade crafts and traditional Greek products. Visitors can discover stalls packed with fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and souvenirs, making a bustling atmosphere that adds to the magic of Corfu’s capital.

What is Corfu famous for?

Corfu, a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, is popular for its rich history, Venetian architecture in Corfu Town, and the iconic Achilleion Palace. The island is celebrated for its captivating beaches, including Paleokastritsa and Ipsos. Olive oil in Corfu, lively nightlife in Kavos and the warm hospitality of its towns in Greece contribute to its beauty as a beloved tourist destination.

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