9 Best Sedona Sunset Spots and Hikes for Incredible View

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Sedona, Arizona, attracts photographers, hikers, and explorers with its hypnotizing landscapes and pulsating energy. The region boasts captivating vortexes, where the union of electromagnetic forces is supposed to boost spiritual experiences. Red rocks rule over the scenery, offering a dazzling backdrop for photographers looking for a perfect click. Hikers enjoy their time in the myriad tracks that wind through different geological formations, providing challenge and reward at the same time.

Where is the best sunset in Sedona

The finest sunset in Sedona is subjective, but famous points are Cathedral Rock for lively and beautiful colours, Airport Mesa for eye-catching views and a spiritual atmosphere, and Red Rock Crossing along Oak Creek for a composed setting. Devil’s Bridge gives a beautiful stage that you can reach by hike, while Little Sugarloaf Mountain from Thunder Mountain Trailhead offers relaxed or adventurous choices. Discover these locations so that you can find the one that matches your preferences.

Sedona Sunset Time

Sedona’s sunset times hold visitors’ interest all through the year, presenting a lively display of colours that paint the sky in awesome scenery. The alluring beauty of the sun setting at the back of the iconic red rock formations changes the landscape into an interesting sight. Whether you find yourself in Sedona during the warm shades of summer or the early dusk of winter, the sunset becomes a daily event to be savoured. It provides a picturesque backdrop that boosts the beauty of this Arizona destination.

Sedona Evening Glow in Winter

In the months of winter, the sun gracefully sets on the Sedona horizon around 5:30 in the evening, casting a warm glow on the iconic red rock landscapes. To make the most of this daily sight, it’s suggested to reach your selected sunset vantage point with sufficient time for an easy hike. On the other hand, for the more daring souls, there’s the choice of a fashionably late arrival, culminating in an exciting trail run to a summit just in the scratch of time for the sun’s spectacular departure.

Crimson Sedona Dusk in Spring

As spring arrives in Sedona, it not only paves the way for warmer temperatures and increased crowds but also offers tourists the breathtaking sight of desert flowers in full bloom. The landscape changes in the vibrant shades of the blossoms, supplementing an extra cover of charm to the already beautiful surroundings. Despite the rapidly increasing crowds, the view of the thriving desert flora makes the visit valuable. During this season, the sun gracefully bids farewell around 7:30 pm, allowing sufficient time to enjoy in the beauty of both the floral tapestry and the interesting sunset, generating a harmonious symphony of nature’s wonders.

Summer Sunset Hues in Sedona

Summer sunsets in Sedona reveal a spectacular display of vivid oranges, purples and pinks, generating a warm but magical glow over the iconic red rocks. However, the beauty comes with a price—extremely warm weather. Regardless of the hot temperature, the sight is worth it, as the sun sets around 7:45 pm, generating a captivating summer evening environment.


In the fall, Sedona’s sunsets paint the sky with warm, practical tones. The descending sun baths the red rocks in a golden shade, hence, making the atmosphere more serene and picturesque. Around 6:30 pm, the sun bids its farewell, casting a subtle glow over the changing foliage. Falling in Sedona gives a more peaceful experience because the temperature is moderate and the crowd is reduced. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape and relish the unique charm that the autumn sunset gets along to this destination.

Sedona Sunset

1: Cathedral Rock: Sedona Sun’s Farewell

At Cathedral Rock, the sunset rises with a breathtaking exhibition of beautiful colours. The descending sun casts a warm glow on the huge red rocks, making a stunning silhouette against the darkening sky. As the day changes to night, the spires of Cathedral Rock stand as majestic sentinels, painted in shades of orange and purple. The calm setting makes it an ideal and perfect spot to witness nature’s nightly view. Around 7:00 pm, the sun gracefully sets, leaving behind a view which is worth watching and a sense of awe that lingers in the peaceful desert air. Cathedral Rock provides a memorable front-row seat to Sedona’s compelling sunset.

2: Airport Mesa: Sedona Twilight Radiance

Airport Mesa in Sedona stands as an inviting picture for sunset lovers, conveniently accessible by car and showing beautiful panoramic views. Popular as a vortex location, it beckons those looking for a connection to the Earth’s energy. As the sun begins its descent, vibrant shades paint the sky, changing the setting into a mesmerizing display. From the mesa’s vantage point, the surrounding red rocks generate a striking silhouette against the darkening sky. Nature’s grandeur unfolds, capturing the real meaning of Sedona’s beauty.

The convenience of Airport Mesa turns it into a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike, looking for a front-row seat to the evening sight. The energy vortex adds an extra dimension, attracting people to find a calm enclave for meditation in the middle of the natural beauty. As the clock approaches 7:15 pm, the sun sets, leaving a long-lasting impression behind. Whether you’re an expert in photography, a nature fanatic, or just in search of peace, Airport Mesa promises a memorable experience, merging the peace of meditation with the spectacular drama of sunset.

3: Bell Rock: Sedona Sundown Splendor

Bell Rock, a known vortex location in Sedona, provides a unique setting for watching the sunset. It’s an outstanding spot for the evening show, surrounded by magnificent rock formations capturing the fading light’s golden shades. While the actual setting sun remains hidden, Bell Rock treats viewers to an amazing show of colour, light, and rock. The exclusive environment created by departing daylight and iconic rock structures makes it a must-visit for a visually remarkable sunset.

Sedona Sunset

4: Devil’s Bridge: Vermilion Horizon in Sedona

Devil’s Bridge is an attractive stage for a sunset in Sedona, tempting visitors to see nature’s grand finale. This iconic sandstone arch, known for wonderful views, takes on an unusual charm as the sun descends. As the golden light bathes the landscape, Devil’s Bridge becomes an outline against the lively sky. Easily reachable by a moderate hike, the journey adds a daring touch to the sunset experience.

Arriving around 7:00 pm allows for a steady change from dawn to dusk, generating a beautiful display of colours. The sun casts its cosy glow on the red rocks, altering the surrounding scenery into a magnificent landscape. Devil’s Bridge, with its complicated rock formations, becomes a main point for the lively shades of the Sedona evening. The changing landscape colors make hiking to this natural wonder a rewarding experience during Sedona dusk.

5: Red Rock Sun Decline Crossing

Red Rock Crossing provides a thrilling canvas for a Sedona sundown, attracting enthusiasts to revel in nature’s evening performance. Located along the banks of Oak Creek, this iconic spot depicts the majesty of Cathedral Rock in its evening magnificence. Around 6:45 pm, the setting sun paints a peaceful, picturesque scene with glowing shades reflecting on calm waters.

Red Rock Crossing provides an intimate connection with the natural surroundings as it is accessible by a brief walk. The iconic outline of Cathedral Rock against the warm tones of the sunset provides the scene delicacy. Nature enthusiasts and photographers both assemble to see the symphony of colours and textures as the day bids farewell.

6: Cultural Park Trailhead with Copper Canyon Sunset

Cultural Park Trailhead offers an exclusive mix of cultural and natural beauty. At 7:15 pm, the descending sun transforms red rock formations into a radiant display of warm shades. It is accessible through a moderate hike and this vantage point provides an immersive experience, letting visitors admire both the natural landscape and the cultural importance of the area. As the daylight fades, the union of rich colours and historical resonance converts Cultural Park Trailhead into an attractive destination.

7: Munds Wagon Trail to Merry Go Round Rock

Embark on the Munds Wagon Trail to Merry Go Round Rock for a thrilling sunset experience. The trail, reachable by a moderate hike, leads you to the iconic rock formation just in time for the evening view around 7:00 pm. As the sun dips under the horizon, the red rocks come alive with a warm, golden glow, generating a panoramic view which feels like an out-of-this-world sight. 

8: Little Sugarloaf Mountain 

Experience the beauty of Little Sugarloaf which is one of Sedona’s mountains, is visible from the Thunder Mountain Trailhead. If you choose a relaxed approach, watch the sun setting behind it without going on a hike. During our recent visit, we recommend parking at Thunder Mountain Trailhead for the most favourable viewing. For the adventurous, take the 1-mile Lower Chimney Rock Trail to reach the 4,649-foot summit of Little Sugarloaf. The hike rewards with panoramic views of Sedona, Chimney Rock, and Capitol Butte.


Sedona’s captivating sunsets offer a year-round spectacle, each season adding its unique charm to the vibrant display of colors. From iconic vortex locations like Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa to the peaceful Red Rock Crossing, Sedona welcomes visitors to engage themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature’s twilight performance. The allure of Sedona’s sunsets is an unforgettable experience for all whether hiking to a summit or enjoying a Jeep tour.


Can I see sunsets at Sedona without a vehicle?

Absolutely! Join a Sedona Jeep tour to reach prime sunset locations, particularly if you don’t have a vehicle appropriate for off-roading.

Are there definite months when sunsets are more vibrant?

Sedona evenings are appealing throughout the year, but spring and fall usually depict more glowing colours, improving the overall visual experience.

What is the significance of vortex places during sunset in Sedona?

Vortex locations, like Airport Mesa, offer not only stunning sunset views but also a chance to tap into the earth’s energy. Give a thought to these points for a unique sunset and meditative experience.

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