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Positano, famous as one of the Amalfi Coast’s most luxurious and photographed towns, provides a range of sun-soaked choices for beach lovers. To make the most of your time, think through lounging with an aperitif in hand at different beaches, ranging from vibrant public shores to opulent full-service beach clubs.

For a quintessential Positano experience, delve into the busy yet charming atmosphere that continues throughout the year. This manual precisely outlines the best Positano beaches, in Italy, accompanied by curated beach club options for each. To give a touch of authenticity, we’ve added some hidden gems off the compressed path.

As you discover the sun-kissed shores, explore the beauty of Positano’s beaches and bask in the vibrant coastal environment. Extend your Amalfi Coast adventure with insights on boat tours and excursions in the manual summary.

Are Positano Beaches Free?

In Positano, fully public beaches are not accessible; nevertheless, there are small free coastal areas. A modest free zone can be found near the boat dock at Spiaggia Grande, the main beach. You can reserve a sunbed at one of the two beach clubs for a guaranteed spot. While other beaches also provide free strips of shoreline, these areas are comparatively small compared to the paid sections.

Despite the potentially steeper costs linked with the paid areas, they provide additional facilities that may nicely surprise you. Renting a sunbed and umbrella at the beach club improves your experience by giving you access to facilities.

Best Beaches in Positano Italy

Positano boasts four distinct beaches, each one of them radiating its exceptional atmosphere and accommodations. Beyond these prime areas, the Amalfi Coast reveals an extensive coastline, providing abundant additional beach choices. Here’s a shorter version: A list of Positano beaches and other beautiful locations accessible by car or boat.

1: Spiaggia Grande Positano

Spiaggia Grande, Positano’s main beach, is prominently included in iconic photographs capturing the backdrop of cliffside houses. Its reputation is attributed to its nearness to the town centre, making it the go-to stretch of coastline. The 300-meter pebble beach, decorated with beach clubs and restaurants, provides rental options for sunbeds and umbrellas. While there are several sunbeds, a free beach area is also available.

Among the beach club choices for Spiaggia Grande, La Scogliera and Lido L’Incanto stand out. Despite being pricier, La Scogliera, situated at the cliffside’s edge, offers luxurious sun lounge rentals as a premium option. Lido L’Incanto provides a budget-friendly experience with chair rentals, bathrooms, changing rooms, and food and beverage options.

2: Lido L’Incanto

Lido L’Incanto, one of the two beach clubs on Spiaggia Grande Positano, offers sunbeds at different prices, with front-row beds at €80 and those further back at €70. From mid-September to mid-June, prices see a reduction of 10 euros.

Renting a sunbed includes changing room access, with shower and private changing room options available for an extra fee. Your sunbed reservation also includes catering from the beach bar, permitting you to enjoy refreshing drinks effortlessly.

3: Laurito Beach

Renting a sunbed includes changing room access, with shower and private changing room options available for an extra fee. Laurito Beach in Positano, Italy is accessible by both boat and car.

Nestled in a cliffside, this petite beach, once a serene escape in bustling Positano, still maintains a quieter ambience compared to some other locations on the Amalfi Coast. While the peaceful charm of Laurito Beach continues, it’s worth noticing that hidden gems are becoming rarer in this tourist-frequented region. However, Laurito Beach provides a more tranquil seaside experience than most, presenting a calm and relaxed atmosphere distinct from other bustling Positano beaches.

4: Da Aldolfo

Consider Da Adolfo as a delightful alternative at Laurito Beach, especially if you crave seafood. This iconic spot not only provides a delectable seafood experience but also extends the convenience of free shuttle services from Positano for its patrons. Boats function hourly from 10:00 am, specifically for those with reservations, providing flexibility for a leisurely lunch or a full day at the beach.

Da Adolfo facilitates sunbed and umbrella rentals, complete with necessary services. Beach clubs offer free boat service from Positano pier, taking only 5 minutes.

Beaches in Positano

5: Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach provides equally stunning views with a more serene atmosphere and smaller crowds within walking distance from Positano’s city centre. Positioned to the left of Spiaggia Grande on the opposite side of the cliff, this peaceful beach boasts a variety of restaurants and beach clubs, mirroring the offerings of the main beach but with a more relaxed atmosphere.

Despite its fame, Fornillo Beach remains intimate and relatively calmer than Spiaggia Grande. The smaller size improves its charm, offering clear blue waters and distant views of majestic megayachts. If you seek an escape from crowds without the demand for public transportation, Fornillo Beach stands out as the perfect retreat.

6: Fornillo Beach

Fornillo Beach features a small free section that fills up so quickly, making Da Ferdinando Beach Club the ideal choice for sunbathing. Sunbed prices at Da Ferdinando vary between €30 and €40 depending on the position of the bed. Prices experience a slight fall during the shoulder season. Day-long rentals can be easily booked in advance online.

Operational as both a restaurant and beach club, Da Ferdinando permits patrons to enjoy a meal without the obligation to reserve a sunbed. In contrast to many beachside establishments, this family-owned venue separates itself with excellent service and high-quality cuisine. Da Ferdinando stands out as the best among Positano beach clubs, giving supreme experience, worth your money, and top-notch quality.

 Beaches in Positano

7: Arienzo Beach

Accessing Arienzo Beach is easy either by car or boat, with its unique bright orange striped umbrellas and sunbeds adding to its fame. The most efficient and effortless way to get access to the beach is through their complimentary boat service, which works every 30 minutes from Positano Pier starting at 10:00 am.

For those who choose to reach by car, parking at the cliff’s top is essential, followed by a 300-step descent. While this involves a walk back up, it gives more flexibility for visitors to come and go at their leisure in comparison to a shuttle service.

8: La Gavitella Beach

When visiting the town of Praiano, ensure to check out La Gavitella Beach, conveniently located just 20 minutes away by car from Positano. Both beach clubs provide complimentary shuttle service for guests with reservations, adding to the convenience.

La Gavitella Beach boasts a vibrant atmosphere, making it a perfect choice for those looking for lively surroundings. What sets this beach apart is its distinctive location, perched above the sea on the side of a cliff. Instead of the typical sandy or pebbled shore, the whole area features a concrete slab decorated with comfortable sunbeds and umbrellas.

At Gavitella Beach Club, you’ll find a wide-ranging food and beverage menu to improve your beach experience. Among their popular offerings is the delightful lemon sorbet, a regional favourite along the Amalfi Coast. Whether you choose to rent a beach chair for the day or savour a refreshing drink at the bar under the restaurant’s covered terrace, you’ll be enjoying the distinctive charm of La Gavitella Beach.

9: La Porta

For a peaceful beachside retreat, choose a boat ride to La Porta Beach, a secluded stretch of coast accessible only by sea, making it one of the minimum crowded beaches along the Amalfi Coast. To reach this hidden gem, you can easily get on a boat from the Spiaggia Grande port near Positano.

Due to the absence of services or beach clubs at La Porta, visitors will use water taxis instead of depending on a free shuttle service. Water taxis depart from Positano as early as 9:00 am, providing round trips later in the afternoon.

With no restaurants, cafes or facilities on-site, it’s suggested to pack a lunch and carry all the beach accessories you may need. Immerse yourself in the ultimate secluded beach experience by spending a day relaxing on this spacious strip of beach.

10: Fiordo di Furore

Fiordo di Furore is one of the most unexpected beaches on the list. It’s just a 30-minute drive from Positano, near Amalfi. Located under the main highway, you’ll pass right by it, making it accessible conveniently.

A stone bridge traverses the small beach section nestled between fjords, offering unique views as you relish a refreshing dip in the cool water. To reach the beach, you’ll go down a series of steps carved into the cliffside from the main road. In addition to this, several hiking tracks in the area offer alternative routes.

Given its location, the beach isn’t large, leading to increased crowding during warmer months. As with most beaches along the Amalfi Coast, arriving early is suggested to secure your spot and fully witness the charm of Fiordo di Furore.


Positano’s beaches offer different and captivating coastal experiences. While free coastal areas exist, beach clubs offer added conveniences for a more comfortable stay. From the iconic Spiaggia Grande to the isolated La Porta, each beach has its unique charm. Discover beyond the well-known spots to discover hidden gems like Fiordo di Furore. Whether by boat or car, Positano’s coastal glamour promises a memorable Mediterranean adventure.


Are pets allowed on Positano beaches?

Normally, pets are not allowed on the main beaches. However, some less crowded and more sheltered beaches may have more relaxed rules. Check with the beach authorities for their policies regarding pets.

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